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Inheritance India has seen a lot of growth since its inception. The original business plan challenged the status quo of investment and development versus environmental conservation and awareness. We have been able to demonstrate that the two fields of thought are not mutually exclusive, but can go hand in hand with excellent results.

As of 2005, we have:

Purchased 170 acres of land across Kerala with documents traced and cleared over the last 100 years.
Entered negotiations for further land purchase for Eco-Tourism Zone development across India.
Received a path-breaking permission from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) allowing for Eco-Zone development.

4 years direct work with the Kerala government and governmental bodies, two Memorandas of Understanding with the Kerala government.
Three years working with and building strong relationships with local communities and NGOs.
Built a cadre of top legal counsel, scientists, and community members.
Developed the foundations for multiple businesses through Eco-Zone development using potential cutting edge technology.
Conducted several small groups of eco-sensitive tourists through our sites and had some research scholars-in-residence at them.
Significant weeding of invasive plants along with afforestation to restore ecological balance leading to the return of endangered wildlife to their natural habitats.
Strong Scientific database and pool of research data being built up gradually.
Documented management plan to allow for environmental management, ecotourism, research studies, and agricultural production.
One of the Inheritance India projects was short-listed for the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment, 2005.

Up & Coming Initiatives. Investment Opportunities.

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