Inheritance India Coffee Club Subscription Form

Each pack contains 250 gms.
Please mark your preference for the roast and grind of Coffee you would like, and number of packs:

Medium Roast Fine Ground (Rs.140)
Medium Roast Coarse Ground*(Rs.130)
Medium Roast Whole Beans (Rs.120)
Dark Roast Espresso Ground**(Rs.155)
Dark Roast Coarse Ground*(Rs.145)
Dark Roast Whole Beans (Rs.135)

* Coarse ground is suited to percolators, French press, or coffee machines.
** Espresso ground is similar to powder and is suited to espresso machines and coffee filters.

Delivery to your doorstep is free of charge once a month.
Price without Membership is Rs.200 per 250gm. packet, regardless of preference type.

Your Name : ________________________________
Delivery Address : _______________________________________
Phone Number : ______________
E-Mail : _____________________________
This is a Gift Subscription.

To start the subscription you will need to send us the introductory membership fee of Rs.350/- by cheque made out to: Inheritance India Land Conservation Company P. Ltd. Once your membership is confirmed, all payments for your specific purchases can be settled by the 30th of each month.

Signature :______________________           Date :_______________

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