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There are many more different kinds of insects in existence today than the total of all kinds of other animals put together.

Many medicines originated from animals. The first anticoagulent was produced from leeches that secrete an enzyme, hirudin, with anticoagulent properties.

According to recent findings discussed in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, leeches may be successful therapeutic agents in controlling pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis.
Earthworms bring 1.2-1.5 tons of soil to the surface per hectare, improving soil texture and the drainage of water.

The Asian Giant Honeybee Apis dorsata forms huge colonies in a single comb that hangs from trees or buildings. Although these colonies regularly migrate over several kms., the bees return to their original nest site- even after being away for a couple of years. Such fidelity is known in migratory animals, but is unusual for social insects where the workers live for only a few weeks and the ones returning may have never seen the old nest site!

The fur on night flying moths is sound absorbent, performing the same function as radar avoiding technology in the latest aircraft.

Scientists at the Univ. of Montana are examining the potential of honeybees in explosive detection. They are thinking of training bees to sniff out explosives!

Some caterpillars warn off intruders by strumming on the leaves of plants that they live on.

Insects at Inheritance India :

Our site harbours a rich diversity of insects evident by the dragon and damsel flies which patrol the streams and ponds, the butterflies turning up in tune with the sunshine and the damage patterns caused on leaves by their larvae, the moths which dash to the single light source in the camp site, the huge bee hives hanging on tall trees and the variety of coleopteran beetles which are found amidst the fallen trees and leaf litter.

Being the most diverse organisms of earth, the insects pose a real challenge towards biodiversity assessment. The land is rich in them- that is what we know as of now. Scientific studies are in the offing.

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