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Our strategic model in new destinations development is to :

Identify a state in India in which to work (progressive government, with a bent towards conservation).
Identify new nature destinations.
Facilitate total-area responsible development (including the local people and surrounding areas).
Purchase significantly large tracts of land.
Develop the area ecologically with conservation-guided development ideas.
Custom-built Estates (living communities).
Rejuvenation & Culture Centers.
Organize Customized Tours - wildlife & culture.
Market the destination keeping in mind the need to not grow beyond the ecological carrying-capacity.
Establish conservation and heritage Ecology Planning and Monitoring committees made up of all stakeholders - local people, NGOs, private organizations and the government.

Within this framework, we will also create high-margin specialty businesses that are consistent with conservation, work with people that are philosophically - aligned building knowledge alliances to maintain world class standards.

Any investments made with us will be subject to Government of India rules and regulations.

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