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About 80% of the world's population relies on plants or plant extracts for medicines.

Poison plant : All parts of the Oleander (Nerium oleander), a common plant throughout the world, are extremely dangerous. Bees that gather too much nectar from its flowers make poisonous honey and people have died after eating meat cooked on oleander skewers.

One full-grown tree neutralizes the carbon dioxide output of one person.

The oxygen produced from a vegetated area of 35m. sq. is sufficient for one person per day.

For every hectare of land without green cover, 24kg. of fertile top soil is removed by wind and water every year.

Trees and plants are able to reduce the temp. of an area by as much as 10 degrees Centigrade.
Over 25% of our medicines are derived from plants.

Trees are able to reduce noise levels by about 6-8 decibels for every 30 m. sq. of tree cover.

Only 2% of the world's estimated plant species have been evaluated for their medicinal uses.
Plants & Trees at Inheritance India :

From initial visits by botanists, we have identified over 50 species of large and very tall trees, some of whom are more than 75 years old. A comprehensive study is on the anvil.

It is clear that we have a lot to learn from this magical little forest. Besides gathering information and ongoing research on the biodiversity, monitoring and controlling poaching activities, we have started a very small tourist operation, which we plan to develop into a state of the art, exclusive destination.

As you can see, the the Inheritance India sites hold a rich diversity but is awaiting further scientific documentation as of now. Even while we have definite plans already in place for some specific groups of organisms, the door is wide open for qualified personnel to conduct scientific exploration of biodiversity, well within the principles of conservation. The offer is open for student projects, research programs, validation studies of scientific concepts and long-term ecosystem monitoring and analyses. Inheritance India would provide hospitality, methodological assistance, and local support, the terms and costing of which can be had by return e-mail.

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