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Time is running out for frogs across the planet. A frog's permeable skin makes it extremely sensitive to environmental changes. The amphibians therefore serve as a barometer of health of ecosystems. The main reasons for the decline in their populations are chemical pollution, infectious diseases, increased ultraviolet radiation and climate change.

In India, where agriculture is widespread, frogs play a vital role in keeping insect populations in check. Their decline could conceivably lead to increased incidence of malaria, and crop destruction by pests.
Amphibians at Inheritance India :
Some 108 species of frogs have been documented in the Western Ghats. Of these, 78 are endemic. Many different species of frogs have been observed on the land which needs scientific verification.

Plans are in the pipeline to create specialised habitats and observation posts to study frogs.


A ratsnake can consume upto 50 rats a year.

The gliding snake found in the Western Ghats is a fast moving diurnal tree snake. It lives high up in the canopy of dense evergreen forests. It glides through the air by flattening its body to increase resistance.

Turtles are marine reptiles while tortoises are land dwellers and terrapins are freshwater tortoises.

Reptiles at Inheritance India :
Strangely, far less snakes have been seen or encountered than expected. A detailed study is required. Several kinds of lizards have been observed including the Western Ghats Flying Lizard.

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