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A Craft Initiative was started in Kerala to tap into traditionally evolved skills of local people with natural materials, in order to create a line of contemporary, marketable products that would become an independent revenue stream for the project.

We are currently working with four groups of people in different parts of Kerala engaged in materials like screwpine, water hyacinth, lantana, bamboo, palm and banana fibres, khus, and ayurvedic dyes.

Senior designers from the National Institute of Design are part of this initiative and fresh graduate from NID are researching new materials for future development.

Several skilled artisans, weavers and craftspeople, many of them from women's co-operatives, are engaged in the craft work initiated by the project.

Market Exposure - National

The Craft products have been publicly exhibited at three exhibitions, one of them an international one. Our products have been selected and are being retailed by an exclusive designer store chain in Mumbai-Red, Blue & Yellow.

A high-profile new beach restaurant on Mumbai's Marine Drive, The Salt Water Grill, specially commissioned our products for its natural-look interiors. Currently we are in negotiations with two premier national design store with outlets around the world for bulk purchases of our craft range.

Market Exposure - International

Nature-based Interior Design- Inheritance India's product line is a fusion between Indian heritage-style techniques, nature-based materials, and contemporary design. We have designed the interiors for new restaurants in Mumbai and have now been approached to take our Indian-style natural interiors line international. We are currently exploring opportunities in Europe and the Middle East.
The Craft Initiative has the potential to become a major revenue-earner as a business venture.
Our feasibility study shows that the business will break even in 2 years, and provide a return of between 15-20% in year 3.

Take a look at the range of our nature craft products! .

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