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India has grown as an investment area with an increasing GDP growth and Foreign Direct Investments growing at a very rapid rate in the last few years.

While traditional investment opportunities are eroding worldwide, our natural environment is the next growth area. Human and capital resources need to be used to protect and sustain this natural capital.
We invite investment into all projects under the Eco-Brand of Inheritance India.

As an investor, we provide you with several Eco-Tourism Zone related development projects to invest in with the intention of significant returns available and an opportunity to contribute to the overall conservation effort. This is done through your buying shares in overall development projects related to eco-tourism zone development.

These include:
• Nature Spa & Resort.
• Exclusive high-value nature tours for small groups.
• Retailing of Nature-based designer and craft products.
• Retailing of Organic products - gourmet coffee, pepper and honey, medicinal plants.
• Nature and heritage education programs.
• Development of alternative energy resources

All new and sustainable environmentally friendly business opportunities which we come across will be examined and potentially supported.

Natural Capitalism involves investing in natural resource capital to restore, sustain, and expand the planet's ecosystem. According to the Harvard Business Review:

 “Because natural capitalism is both necessary and profitable, it will subsume traditional industrialism, ....... just as industrialism subsumed agrarianism. And the companies that are furthest down the road will have the competitive edge.”

  Inheritance India uses stringent guidelines to identify land with important resources that need to be nurtured. Structures and communities are developed with the intention of little to no impact to the Earth while also working to benefit the heritages of local people.

In short, our goal is commercially viable conservation and restoration creating strong value appreciation in the areas in India in which we have invested.

Nature Resort. FIPB. Nature Craft.
Tours. Going Organic. Eco-Development Strategy.

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