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Our current basket of eco-friendly business initiatives include:
Eco-Tourism Zone Development through Land purchase and Conservation of Nature Resources.
Nature Spa & Resort.
Nature Craft & Lifestyle Product Development.
Organic Coffee.
Organic Spices.
We are in different phases of development for each of these projects. We continue to invite equity and investment participation in all of our Eco-Branded projects.

Upcoming initiatives:

Eco Tourism
The world of Eco-tourism and environmental awareness is a dynamic, ever changing landscape. New efforts are constantly underway, looking at technology that will have less environmental impact or even work hand-in-hand to fulfill people's needs while improving environmental conditions.

As part of Inheritance India's commitment to business acumen combined with environmental sensibilities, any environmentally-friendly business will be examined and potentially supported.

Accordingly, there are initiatives underway that we're keeping a close watch on as well as potential opportunities we are currently developing.

The Potential of Jatropha
An exciting development to watch is the development of a possible new biofuel made from the seeds a plant that is well suited to the soil and climate of wastelands. The plant is Jatropha, an indigenous, wild, oilseed shrub. To go from plant to fuel, the jatropha seed is crushed to extract the oil, which is treated to reduce its acid content. It's then combined with alcohol and catalysts to change into an ester, which is a biodiesel. The ester is then filtered to remove glycerol, and is purified. The potential is staggering. Jatropha plantations could be created across the vast wastelands, once again allowing what is currently fallow land to be used productively.

Jatropha biofuel is already in use in the US, Japan, Italy, and Malaysia. In the US, pure and blended bio-diesel vehicles have logged 10 million road miles without affecting engine wear. In India, the demand for diesel is growing by 10.1% per year. It is the largest selling petroleum product contributing to about 40% (Rs 850 Billion) of total petroleum product sales in the country.

Over 65 million hectares of land in India has been declared wasteland with an additional 174 million hectares on the verge. Inheritance India is exploring the option to buy 2,500 acres of barren wasteland for plantation, biofuel extraction and research on efficiecy and further uses of the Jetropha curcas shrub. The lifespan of the Jetropha curcas is 50 years, with fruiting in less than 2 years. In addition to bio-dieseal fuel, other uses include fuel for cooking stoves and lighting, lubricating oil, medicinal soap and tea, natural barriers against livestock, and has promise as an effective insecticide.

We are examining the viability of developing this on land which is available to us on lease.

International Baccalaureate Excursions
Inheritance India is currently in talks with assorted International Baccalaureate schools to undertake an environmental education program with the schools' students. This would include hosting the students on Inheritance India land, leading them through nature and heritage tours, and facilitating their environmental awareness education. These excursions would be part of the accredited programs that make up the I.B. curriculum.

Nature-based Interior Design
Inheritance India's product line is a fusion between generations-old heritage techniques, nature-based materials, and contemporary designs. We have designed the interiors for new restaurants in Mumbai and have now been approached to take our interior line international. We are currently exploring opportunities in the Middle East.

Carbon Credit
We feel that our project is perfectly poised to make use of the Carbon Credit initiatives laid down recently by the Kyoto Protocol. We are currently evolving protocols to avail of this concept.

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