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Inheritance India holds 50 acres of land surrounded by mountains, a perennial river, streams and waterfalls in a second location in Kerala.

A Nature-Based Wellness Spa will be constructed using a portion of this land. This will be a holistic spa to facilitate total wellness - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, all within a healthful green environment.

The Spa will consist of:
Designer Resort to house 25 - 50 guests.
A rejuvenation Spa with eastern therapies including Ayurvedic and Thai massages and treatments.
15 Lifestyle designer homes.
Amenities to be provided:
7 day customized treatments.
5 year Spa Memberships.
Personal Lifestyle Consultancy.
Natural Beauty treatments.

Additionally, access to wildlife and heritage tours will be available as well as an Environment Interpretation Center for environmental education.

The site is located within 2 hours driving distance of an international airport and is in the vicinity of internationally known ayurvedic facilities. Therefore it lies within a high traffic area for health tourism.

We currently invite investment in this project.

For Project Feasibility and investment opportunities for this particular business or for lease of designer homes please e-mail us at:

As part of Inheritance India's commitment to facilitating an Eco-tourism / Green Zone, construction and operation of this Spa will include:
Engaging the local community in resort activities.
Using locally available natural materials for construction and furnishing.
Facilitating environmental awareness and education.
Facilitating professional training in eco-tourism for the local community.
Facilitating a plastic-free zone.
Using organic farming for pesticide-free produce as part of spa diet and to supply independent organic food outlets in urban areas.
Facilitating an Ayurvedic hospital.
Utilizing forest waste and linking it to local skills to produce nature-based products for urban and international markets.

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Inheritance India Land Conservation Company Private Limited.
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