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Fungi are flowerless, primitive plants that lack chlorophyll and grow mainly on dead and decaying matter as well as on living plants and animals. They appeared on earth some 570 million years ago.

Fungi absorb their food from organic matter, either living or dead, through networks of slender feeding threads called hyphae. They break down dead matter and convert it into a form that other living things can use. The variety of substances that a fungus can digest is extraordinary. Some can live on petroleum, others on the thin film which coats lenses.
Rust is a microscopic fungus which infects some plants as well as iron.
Penicillin is a fungus.
Ringworm is a fungus, not a worm!
Yeast is a microscopic fungus that usually lives in individual cells. Yeasts carry out alcoholic fermentation, which changes sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It is also used to make bread rise.
Bracket fungi are flat, shelf like fruiting bodies which usually grow horizontally from tree trunks. They release spores into the air from their undersides, then become hard and woody. They are often early indicators of the imminent death of the host tree.
The term 'Mushroom' is a common name given to any edible fungus. It is vegetarian, low in calories, fats and cholesterol, and rich in proteins, B vitamins, and minerals.

Veiled mushroom, a strange looking mushroom having a broad hollow stem at the center with a muddy cap. From the rim of the cap grows out the veil which covers the stem in a circular manner. The muddy cap emits a fermented sugary odour, which attracts small insects.
Many mushrooms are toxic, and may cause hallucination and ecstatic effects if eaten in quantity.

There are about 1.5 million fungal species on this planet and we have identified only about 70,000.

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