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Mammals at Inheritance India

Fresh scat and several tracks have been observed. On one occasion, when two of us spent the night in a nearby cave, we were greeted early in the morning by fresh (steaming) scat less than 20 m away!

Indian Wild Dog (Dhole)
A pack of 6 wild dogs was observed at close quarters in March this year.

Gaur(Indian Bison)
There is a herd of 9 animals often seen and use the estate as part of their home range.

Nilgiri Langur
Another endemic resident, it doesn't seem to mix with the Lion-tailed Macaques.

Bonnet Macaque
Very common in the area. Plantation owners have taken a strong dislike to this species because of its destructive eating habits, which are particularly damaging to cardamom crops.

Seen occasionally. Alarm calls have also been heard, most likely responding to the smell or sight of a big cat.

Barking Deer
Seen quite regularly and alarm calls heard on several occasions.

Mouse Deer (Chevrotain)
Only tracks have been seen as it is a shy and nocturnal animal.

Sloth Bear
Many signs like tracks, droppings, and dug out termite mounds have been seen, but we have yet to see one!

Civet cat(they are not cats..more closely related to mongooses) tracks have been seen often(they have 5 toes in the track against 4 in a true cat).We have as yet been unable to distinguish the different species of civet's, if any.

Judging from the no of tracks, quills, and droppings, it is very common. Sightings are not so common due to nocturnal habits.

Malabar Giant Squirrel
These beautiful animals can be seen often ,and even more frequently heard. Several of their nests have been seen, though its hard to estimate their numbers, as each pair tend to use multiple nests (upto 6 per couple!) to confuse predators.

Indian Giant Flying Squirrel
Can be observed on a regular basis after dusk and before dawn while leaving for and returning to its nest from nocturnal foraging.

Three striped Palm Squirrel
A common sight.

Stripe-Necked Mongoose
Was sighted on our land in march this year.

Indian (Black-Naped) Hare
Many nocturnal sightings on the road in the vicinity of the estate, very few on it.

Several different kinds of bats of varying sizes, from the large Flying Fox to the tiny Pippestrelle can be seen flying around in the evening sky. Scientific validation is required for species identification.

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